Premier Conditioned Air Services, as part of their ongoing commitment to their clients offer a Comprehensive range of Maintenance Contracts to cover each client’s requirements. A planned preventative maintenance regime not only increases the life expectancy of your air conditioning system it also helps to optimise performance and avoid increased running costs. Just as you would expect when purchasing a vehicle, air conditioning manufacturers would expect a maintenance contract to be in place to validate the warranty.
Maintenance Contract would range from a single annual visit to a three monthly visit for critical areas such as Server Rooms these visits would include:
  • Filter Cleaning / Changing
  • Check refrigerant charge
  • Clean Condensers
  • Clean Fan Coil Units
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check timeclock settings and defrost control
  • Check high pressure and low pressure switch settings
  • Flush drain pans and condensate pipework
These are just a few of the items on our check lists the first of which is
  • Ensure client is satisfied with operation of air conditioning plant
  Our senior maintenance engineer, Christian Jackson, answers your frequently asked questions.
  1. Q: How often does my air conditioning system require a maintenance visit? A:We would recommend two visits per year but if the system is serving a critical area or operates 24/7 then more frequent visits may be required
  2. Q: How often do the filters need cleaning. A:This largely depends on the environment in which the system is located. It is a straightforward process which will have been demonstrated at the time of project handover.
  3. Q:What are the benefits of having a maintenance contract. A: Not only does this ensure that the manufacturer’s warranty is maintained it also helps to reduce running costs and extend the life cycle of the system. Premier maintenance clients also receive discounted labour costs and prioritised breakdown response.
  4. Q: Are maintenance visits noisy and intrusive. A: Whilst the tasks undertaken are not noisy, we do have to access all the units. If this is an issue during normal working hours we can arrange maintenance visits at a time to suit the client.
  5. Q: I didn’t have my air conditioning installed by Premier Conditioned Air Services, would you still be able to offer a Maintenance Contract. A: Yes, regardless of the age of the system and the installation company.

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